Arvin Ilbeigi was born on February 1979 in Bandar-e Anzali (A multinational port in north of Iran, on the Caspian Sea. He went to school in this city, and spent his new artistic experiences in a photography laboratory in Anzali's "Film Center" at high school time. Although the same interest in mathematics made him to continue his education in this major after diploma; therefore, he took BS of civil engineering (from Zanjan Azad University) in technical college. In university time he became interested in cinema which resulted in writing, directing some short films, and participating in the produce of several movies as an experience. After graduating from college, as a compulsory military service, he joined the army. In this period he was interested in documentary cinema, but he started his job more by scenario writing for dacu docudrama movies. After finishing service, he started his job as an expert and then an Guilan state office manager in an City Planning Consulting company, Arseh. At the same time of his urban development studies for a few years, he professionally continued his journalism and blogging activies. He as an editor and designer of 'Moj' –a Cultural and Social monthly journal– established a different kind of magazine in Guilan press history. The above-mentioned magazine was canceled after a year and some months; afterwards ,Arvin by gathering some of its factors and producers established the Cultural Website and a Modernist Artistic Center of 'Caspino'. During his five years of management in Caspino, they performed different cultural and artistic programs in north of Iran that 'modernity' and 'public service' were two important characteristics of it. He didn't leave cinema during these years. Moreover his instructional activities and teaching direction majors, screenwriting, and so on "Iranian Young Cinema institute"; he directed some semi-long documentary movies in this years. He immigrated to Tehran in 2011 because of the limitations which he faced in his artistic activities, so he began to work as a member of the board of directors in "Raybon Art Center". Now he is an advisor in social networks and new medias. He also writes screen and makes documentary movie, and continues his experiences in new media Arts.