Rybon Art Center is an international, independent and artist-led institute based in Tehran. It was established in 2008 in order to encourage artistic innovations and experimentations among local artists and also explore possible exchange of ideas and knowledge in the field of contemporary critical art of Iran beyond ethnic and regional boundaries. During these years Rybon has initiated and conducted numerous projects including art residencies, local and international artist workshops, art shares and artist talks, screenings, enhancing local art networks and facilitating international art exchanges.

In spite of the history of art residency in the world, in early years of Rybon’s activity this form of art exchange did not have a serious professional background in Iran. Therefore, Rybon from the very beginning concentrated on different forms of art residency which facilitated dialogue and exchange of ideas among artists in Iran.

Rybon started its first residency projects in collaboration with local artistic and cultural institutes, inviting established artists from neighboring countries. Holding Rybon International Artists’ Workshop based on Triangle workshops in 2012 in collaboration with Mohsen Gallery and Darbast Platform in Tehran was another step toward establishing residency culture. 

Impediments for holding international residencies lead to devising a new form of residency, namely exchange programs, by Rybon. The first of these exchange programs was held in 2013 in collaboration with Organhaus Art Space of China and Mohsen Gallery in Tehran and Chongqing, China. At the present the “Exchange Program” is being successfully practiced as a pivotal part of Kooshk Residency programs.

Rybon supports artists and their works of art to facilitate and encourage new experiences. By creating a wide network of various artistic trends and exposing Iranian contemporary art with international art, Rybon aspires to bring some fresh air to Iranian contemporary art. Rybon is a partner of Triangle Network.

Rybon Team

Reza Farnam
Director, Founder & Board Member

Tooraj Khamenehzadeh
Co-Founder & Board Member

Mohammad Shishechiha
Co-Founder & Board Member

Hamed Jaberha

Amin Bagheri
Project Coordinator

Negin Mahzoun
Programs Coordinator

Janan Nozari
External Relations Coordinator

Keivan Bonakdar
Social Media & Web Manager

Former Team Members

Arvin Ilbeigi
Film Director & Media advisor

Yasman Tamizkar
Administrator Assistant

As an international, nonpolitical, autonomous initiative, Rybon Art Center aims to promote innovation and experimentation of art among established and emerging artists and to explore the possibilities of exchanging ideas and knowledge across ethnic, regional and artistic borders.

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